Next: Childhood – no words

Seriously, words cannot describe how good Next: Childhood was. Also, I drank a lot (they are very generous with the wine pairings), so the photos recount the evening better than I ever could. Enjoy!

Starting off with a present...


Chicken noodle soup

The table next to us had an amazing setting between parties.

Fish and Chips.

Mac & Cheese

"Wintertime" - stimulating for every sense

I wish I could capture how truly beautiful this plating was.


Loved how dressed up and still dressed down this plate was.

The servers each write notes. I never got these as a kid, so I loved it even more!

I have a special place in my heart for the Incredible Hulk.

Delicious pudding cup.

And a thermos full of punch.

Homemade jerky

My favorite part of baking - licking the spoon!

But with foie gras frosting, I was a little overwhelmed.

The infamous "campfire"

Beautiful until the very end.

Beautiful until the very end.

Hot cocoa (with a splash of booze).

Perfect nightcap.

Good night, Next.



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