Holiday Wish List – Part 1

November 24 is a day about giving thanks; we spend the day appreciating friends/family, good health, and most of all, football. November 25, however, is a day about assaulting fellow shoppers to prevent them from getting their hands on the XBox you (and only you) deserve. It’s twenty-four hours of thanks, followed by thirty days of blatant consumerism. And I don’t mind. The holiday season means there’s a whole host of gift guides and sales. And, because of these lists, I’ve learned about a million things that I didn’t know I wanted until this week. So, thanks internet!

Zingerman’s Forbidden Food Club

Last year, I was the lucky recipient of three months of Zingerman’s Bacon of the Month Club. It was delicious, and heart attack-inducing. This year, I want the Forbidden Food Club. Just like the website says, I “eat for pleasure, not principle.” And if that means I get to eat chocolate-covered figs, Zzang bars, breakfast sausage, and  anything with cheese, sign me up!

Tinley Road Infinity Scarf

This promises to be an incredibly cold (and record-setting snowy) winter in Chicago. A cozy, wooly scarf is something I’ll wear every day, inside and outside, and possibly to bed.

iPhone Telephoto Lens

I love my new iPhone 4S, and I love the 8 megapixel camera. As you may know, I often use that fancy-schmancy camera to take pictures of my sandwich and put them on this blog. But with this lens, I could take pictures of a sandwich that’s really far away and put it on this blog!

Whisky Stones

Every Christmas/Hannukah/anniversary/birthday, I swear that these will make the best gift ever. And I never give them. But they’re so awesome! They make your drink cold, but don’t water it down! As if whisky wasn’t magic enough…

Silicone Muffin Cups

My mom made super delicious apple streusel muffins in these handy-dandy cups over the weekend. They fulfill several purposes: (1) making a few extra muffins when your batter makes 16, but your pan only makes 12, (2) saving trees by reducing your muffin liner use, and (3) making muffins in an oven that is too small for your giant muffin pan.


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November 28, 2011 · 12:19 pm

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