Oh my god I love food so much.

It’s Monday morning, and no amount of sunshine or crisp breeze can compensate for the fact that it is, well, Monday morning. The thing with Mondays is not that it’s the beginning of the work week – I don’t go to work, so that doesn’t really bother me. Rather, it’s the disappointing day after a weekend of fun, gluttony, and no pressure. On Mondays I’m not anxious about Tuesday, it’s just that I miss Sunday. 

On this particular Monday, I am facing a huge First World Problem. My spring break plans have been solidified, and I will be traveling to the bikini capital of the world – Brazil. I am determined to look presentable in Rio, and that will likely involve some combination of healthy eating and exercise. This past week, however, was wonderful and perfect in its absolute lack of physical activity and nutrition. I miss you, last week of french fries and gravy and everything good!

Sable Kitchen, Belly Shack, Shaw's Crabhouse, Hubbard Inn & Morso

Tuesday was lunch at Bill Kim’s Korean-Puerto Rican fusion Belly Shack. Amazing. Three of us went to lunch for a friend’s birthday, and ate ourselves into serious food comas. I loved my noodle salad (served over tortilla chips), but I think the BBQ beef sandwich was the best thing we tried.

Tuesday: Belly Shack for lunch

Belly Shack: Somen Noodle Salad

Belly Shack: Togarashi Fries

Belly Shack: BBQ Beef Sandwich (special)

Friday was date night at Shaw’s Crabhouse. It’s old-school Chicago with a massive dining room, impeccable service, and buttery vegetable dishes.

Shaw's: Fresh King Crab

Shaw's: Maryland Crab Cake

Saturday involved brunch at Sable Kitchen & Bar. It was surprisingly empty, which meant we were seated immediately and service was pretty quick. It was my first time at the restaurant, which bright and airy. Fun fact: the kitchen has gluten-free bread, which means gluten-free toast and gluten-free sandwiches for everyone!

Sable Kitchen: Black Bean & Cheese Enchiladas

Sable Kitchen: Wild Mushroom-Spinach Eggs Benedict (without hollandaise)

Finally, I wrapped up the weekend with brunch at Morso. I was very excited to finally try this new Lincoln Park restaurant, but was generally disappointed. The food was spectacular, but the service was terrible. True, the restaurant is new. And true, Sunday brunch is even newer. But it shouldn’t take 30 minutes to bring me tea.

But the food was serious. The french toast was seriously sweet – that’s cream cheese butter on top. And the biscuits and gravy were so rich and artery-clogging – quail breast, ducky sausage, creamy gravy and buttery biscuits. My stomach growls, and my heart hurts, remembering how delicious that was.

Morso: Carrot Cake French Toast

Morso: "Biscuits and Gravy"


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