When I was a kid, I always thought birthdays were a big deal. There was cake and  dinners and presents and large crowds of people singing a special song just for me! And even after I had entered “adulthood,” there was still singing and cupcakes and free shots. This year, however, was my first birthday as a serious, working adult.  So, yes, there were brownies and cookies, and all sorts of lovely messages from friends and family. But I still woke up, put on my big girl pants, and went to work. And stayed at the office until 8pm. Because (for good reason) when you turn 29,  you don’t get the day off and confetti doesn’t rain from the sky.

Turning 29 also means that I am finally embracing my late 20’s. I am a firm believer that you are in your “early 20’s” from 20-25, in your “mid 20’s” from 26-28, and that you eventually enter your “late 20’s” for one glorious year at 29. And with 30 taunting me from 364 days away, I am using this birthday as a sort of New Years, with reflections and resolutions and, of course, champagne.  I don’t let society and its calendar tell me when to make resolutions! I’m my own person! But seriously, 28 really was a banner year – I graduated from law school and passed the New York bar exam. I moved to Brooklyn and started a terrifying and awesome job. I spent 10 days in Greece with my future husband.


I danced at the weddings of people I love, and am proud to call my friends.


I drank wine on Santorini, in Sonoma, in Napa, and on the North Fork of Long Island.


29 is looking pretty good, too. I get to marry my best friend this year! And take a fantastic vacation with him!


And while we’re doing all of that, I am going to keep a few “new years resolutions” in mind. Like maybe eating cleaner? And exercising once in a while? And despite the hectic nature of this career, I want to take more time for the people I love, myself included.

Anyone have advice on how to live the last year of your 20’s? Or other birthday resolutions?


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HBH Gourmet Sandwich


I found this place online in a hungry search for “cheap restaurants in Carroll Gardens.”


I had the Bon Ju. I was pretty excited – curry, pickled vegetables, grilled chicken! What’s not to like? Unfortunately, I found this chicken sandwich to be underwhelming. The baguette was a little dry, and cut the roof of my mouth like Capt’n Crunch. The chicken was a little greasy. The walnut-curry marinade was delicious, as were the veggies. But I wouldn’t order it again.


The Shortrib Pastrami, on the other hand, was amazing. These guys make all their meat in-house, and they do it well. I would eat this sandwich forever. The meat was tender, and there was just enough of the horseradish mustard to complement, but not overwhelm, the rest of the sandwich.

Verdict: definitely stop by, but stick to the meats like the pastrami and pork shoulder.

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Next: Childhood – no words

Seriously, words cannot describe how good Next: Childhood was. Also, I drank a lot (they are very generous with the wine pairings), so the photos recount the evening better than I ever could. Enjoy!

Starting off with a present...

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Brussels, brussels. Everywhere.

As you may have noticed, I’m a big fan of the brussels sprout. Unfortunately, this is a rather recent discovery (like, past three years). I admit, as a child, my food tastes were…particular. And I easily succumbed to children’s books that declared brussels sprouts and lima beans to be yucky. My parents didn’t cook these vegetables, so any familiarity with them was drawn from the anti-cabbage and anti-bean media.

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Holiday Wish List – Part 1

November 24 is a day about giving thanks; we spend the day appreciating friends/family, good health, and most of all, football. November 25, however, is a day about assaulting fellow shoppers to prevent them from getting their hands on the XBox you (and only you) deserve. It’s twenty-four hours of thanks, followed by thirty days of blatant consumerism. And I don’t mind. The holiday season means there’s a whole host of gift guides and sales. And, because of these lists, I’ve learned about a million things that I didn’t know I wanted until this week. So, thanks internet! Continue reading

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November 28, 2011 · 12:19 pm

Winter squash and chicken stew with Indian spices.

It’s cold, it’s rainy, and I have a paper to write. So I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Due to the aforementioned unpleasant weather, I decided that today was a perfect day to make stew for lunch. Not only was this recipe delicious, but (1) it uses ingredients I tend to have around the kitchen, (2) it has enough spice to warm you up on a chilly day, and (3) it’s flavorful, but not so spicy as to scare away people who don’t like curry.

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Oh my god I love food so much.

It’s Monday morning, and no amount of sunshine or crisp breeze can compensate for the fact that it is, well, Monday morning. The thing with Mondays is not that it’s the beginning of the work week – I don’t go to work, so that doesn’t really bother me. Rather, it’s the disappointing day after a weekend of fun, gluttony, and no pressure. On Mondays I’m not anxious about Tuesday, it’s just that I miss Sunday.  Continue reading

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